Dickson Fire Department

Berry Manley

Captain A-Shift


Captain Manley began his career with the City of Dickson in 1985.

Captain Manley is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Ribbon, Life Saving Ribbon and the Educational Ribbon (Associates Degree).



The second highest medal that can be achieved. The medal is red (courage), and white (purity).

The Distinguished Service Ribbon may be awarded to a member who performs a personal act above and beyond the call of duty under MODERATE personal risk that involves bravery and/or a high degree of initiative and/or capability. It must be worthy of recognition that promotes good will, and reflects highly on the fire department.



The third highest that can be achieved. The medal is blue (trust) and red (courage).

The Life Saving Ribbon may be awarded to any member or company who is actually involved in the successful resuscitation of a patient, who was without pulse and respiration. The patient was resuscitated in the field and was either admitted to the hospital or released from medical care. 


The fourth highest medal that can be achieved.

* Technical Certificate – Light Blue (Achievement)
* Associates Degree – Purple (Wisdom)
* Bachelor’s Degree – Grey (Intelligence)
* Master’s Degree – Navy (Intelligence) White (Purity) and Navy